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For the residential sector, Scaffolding Shed offers domestic services to a variety of smaller building builders, real estate developers, and homeowners. A member of our estimating team will be available to speak with you on-site about your needs if you want to perform exterior work.

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Regardless of the kind of residential building—a private home, a listed property, an odd structure, or a brand-new construction—Scaffolding Shed has the know-how to offer creative, safe, and affordable solutions to complete the job.

Our basic and foremost priority is to minimize the disruption for those living near and around the property. Specifically, if all are residential during the scaffold work is taking place.

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Scaffolding Shed Company services will allow the exterior repairs such as





Guttering repairs and installation

Guttering repairs and installation

Cladding installation and removal

Cladding installation and removal

Construction of outbuilding and extensions

Construction of outbuilding and extensions

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Our proficient management team is ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate, and contact us right now. A member of our team can meet you at the site to discuss your specific requirements. When scaffolding is anticipated to encroach upon a highway or pavement, obtaining a scaffolding license becomes necessary. We can facilitate this process as part of our comprehensive service. We adhere to all essential health and safety standards in the realm of domestic and residential scaffolding. We hold accreditation from various reputable organizations. A qualified health and safety officer from our team conducts seven-day inspections and safety audits on-site throughout the work program.

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Our comprehensive range of residential scaffolding services includes:

  • Professional site survey and scaffolding advice
  • Scaffold hire
  • Facilitating scaffolding licenses when the structure encroaches on a highway or pedestrian walkway
  • Full compliance with TG20:13 good practice guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding
  • Swift response in case of any design or structural challenges with our scaffolding during the project

Selecting a scaffolding partner committed to excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility.

For more discussion or non-obligation quotes about your construction project, please call us right now or submit a short form given below. We are happy to provide you with reliable and high-quality scaffolding services.
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Why It is Important to Get the Right Type of Scaffolding System?

Choosing the right type of scaffolding system is vital for the success of any residential construction project. Depending on the project's size and scope, you may need to consider various options such as mobile scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, or even suspended scaffolding. Careful evaluation of each option and understanding their respective safety requirements is crucial before making a decision. Additionally, seeking assistance from experienced professionals ensures that your chosen scaffolding system complies with all relevant regulations.

Residential Scaffold hire with Scaffolding Shed

We offer a comprehensive selection of height services and scaffolding rentals tailored to save you both money and time. If you're in search of seasoned and trustworthy scaffolding professionals, Scaffolding Shed delivers cost-effective solutions for scaffolding, edge protection, and consultation services to clients across New York.

Contact the Scaffolding Shed team today at 00000000 or send an email to info@scaffoldingshed.com.

Our rental services cater to the residential and light commercial building industries. Additionally, we extend our offerings to private property owners, providing height safety solutions, fixed scaffolding rentals, and mobile scaffolding rentals.

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